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15 most influential inventions in the 20th century


We live in a world of ever-changing technology, and we owe a lot to the 15 most influential breakthrough inventions of the 20th century. These unsurpassed inventions have helped to shape our world in areas such as convenience, as well as being able to do what many would have thought impossible, so let us embark on a journey from 1900 to 1999.

Technology Inventions:

1. 1900 — Airplane Technology 


In 1900, brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright successfully tested a 50-pound biplane glider with a wing-span of 17 feet becoming the first piloted glider. In 1901, with a wingspan of 22 feet, the Wright brothers flew the largest glider propelled by an internal combustion engine. In 1902, the Wright brothers utilized a moveable tail that would further help stabilize the aircraft, and with that, the Flyer was created. In 1903, the first gas motored plane was created. In 1904, the first flight took place that lasted five minutes and was flown by Wilbur Wright. On July 30, 1909, the United States government bought the first airplane which was a Wright Brothers biplane. This invention paved the way for our future in flying technology which we now are using daily.