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15 most influential inventions in the 20th century


15. 1973 — Cell Phone


In 1973, Martin Cooper created the first mobile phone prototype called the DynaTAC which would become the first commercial cell phone and would go on sale in 1983. Cell phones started out being quite large and cumbersome for many users, and with time, the cell phone would metamorphose to a smaller size. Almost everyone owns a cell phone today as they allow for easier communication since you can take your phone wherever you go. With the ever-improving technology, cell phones now perform a multitude of functions including computing, music, camera, television, and video recording. Sending an email from your cell phone is common, and the cell phone has replaced the regular telephone for many households.

Our world is a better place thanks to these influential breakthrough inventions. By taking a simple idea to make life easier and better and then building on that idea, we have managed to improve our technology indeed making our world our oyster.