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30 Beautiful women who lived 80-100 years ago


Do you know what clothes our grandmothers wore and in winter? What was summer fashion at that time? What kind of accessories have been used or what have they chosen from the wardrobe for doing sports?

From this gallery below you will find out.

1. Summer fashion, 1935

Summer fashion, 1935 – Summer fashion, 1935

A pretty lady is enjoying the sunshine in the summer of 1935. She picked her outfit carefully, her hair slide matches with her dotty dress and hopefully she did not forget about the suncream either.

2. Hats of 1900

Hat style, 1900 – Hat style, 1900

These hats, a coctail, a cigarette, and an eye patch? They are probably the coolest couple from 1900.

3. Spring of 1935

Fashion from 1935 – Fashion from 1935

We love this picture from 1935. It is a perfect match between the cheerful lady, her clothing, accessories and the old timer motorcycle.

4. Beachwear, 1925

Beachwear, 1925 – Beachwear, 1925

The swimsuit fashion was obviously more restrained 94 years ago, but the hair style? Well, at least it didn’t take long to dry it.

5. Summer of 1938

Summer fashion, 1938 – Summer fashion, 1938

I have a feeling that this beautiful, stunning lady has broken many hearts in the late 30s.

6. Mum-child style, 1940

Style of 1940 – Style of 1940

This pretty mum didn’t spend her time only on her own outfit that morning. She also dressed her child in a matching hat, coat, and shoes. Aren’t they cute?

7. Portrait from 1900

Portrait from 1900 – Portrait from 1900

Youth, elegance, and charm. These three words come to my mind when I look at the picture of Kornélia Lotz, the daughter of Károly Lotz, Hungarian painter.

8. Woman of 1929

Photo shooting, 1929 – Photo shooting, 1929

A racing car, a racing hat, and high heel shoes on one picture? No, I am not talking about F1. Just looking at this cool ‘behind the scenes’ studio photo from 1929.

9. Elegance of 1937

Fashion, 1937 – Fashion, 1937

What do you think, why is she looking back? I think she is going home from the office, her apartment is on the fifth floor but there is no elevator, and her strong and handsome fiance is carrying the groceries behind. Or something like that…

10. Sweet 30’s

Party dress, 1930 – Party dress, 1930

Gorgeous dance dress, wonderful high heel shoes, and a really unique fan. Let’s just not mention this weird pose.

11. Hats and twins, 1911

Hat style, 1911 – Hat style, 1911

It’s a thing that these twins are dressed totally the same way even at the age of 20, but how could they find two of these giant hats full with flowers is a mystery for me.

12. Fashion, 1900

Fashion, 1900 – Fashion, 1900

Was the chair too weak to sit on, or was this considered as the ‘sexy pose’ in 1900? Whatever the answer is, we love the dress.

13. Spring of 1939

Spring fashion, 1939 – Spring fashion, 1939

Posing in front of expensive cars and taking pictures was already a popular thing back in 1939. But wait! Where did they post it?!

14. Hat and skirt fashion of 1922

Dresses from 1922 – Hat and skirts from 1922

These ladies probably had a great night out, dancing. And between two songs rested on the sofa when this picture was captured.

15. Accessories of 1938

Accessories, 1938 – Accessories, 1938

Pretty, stylish and beautiful. Except for the feathered hat, we could still wear these clothes today.

16. Old times’ fashion

Fashion of 1890 – Fashion of 1890

The same does not apply for this picture like the previous one. Her bracelets are cool tough.

17. Style of 1925

Umbrella and hat fashion, 1925 – Umbrella and hat fashion, 1925

This pretty lady had all the accessories that a real lady needed in 1925.

18. Outdoor wear 1935

1935 – Outdoor fashion, 1935

Look at her eyes. Isn’t it obvious that she is in love with the person who took this photo?

19. Ladies from the past

Pretty ladies, 1902 – Pretty ladies from 1902

Ladies from 1902. The one on the right side either saw something weird next to the road or her hat was too heavy.

20. Budapest style, 1941

Budapest, 1941 – Budapest, 1941

Any guess which bridge is in the background? Ok, I will help. This gorgeous lady is posing in Budapest, in 1941 with the Margaret bridge in the background.

21. After-war fashion

Studio photo, 1919 – Studio photo from 1919

Studio photo of a pretty lady a year after World War I. The crop function would have been good to cut off the inappropriate details.

22. Street fashion of 1937

Street fashion, 1937 – Street fashion, 1937

Pretty lady posing in front of ads in the street. She looks pretty and a strong woman at the same time.

23. Women of 1917

Ladies from 1917 – Ladies from 1917

Ladies from the beginning of the last century. The poses on photos have changed a lot in the past 100 years, right?

24. Summer of 1929

Beachwear, 1929 – Beachwear, 1929

Comfortable shoes, nice swimming cap, swimsuit, and umbrella. Beach time!

25. Winter fashion, 1904

Winter fashion of 1904 – Winter fashion of 1904

If there were female crowds in Game of Thrones they would certainly have dressed up like this.

26. Hat fashion of the’30s

Hat style, 1938 – Hat style, 1938

A beautiful lady’s portrait from 1938. And that pineapple-hat is something extraordinary.

27. Elegance of 1927

Elegance of 1927 – Elegance of 1927

Long skirts, thick fabrics and low heel shoes. Welcome to 1927.

28. ’20s Glamour

Glamour, 1921 – Glamour, 1921

A young lady is enjoying the sunshine and probably daydreaming about someone in a park in 1921.

29. Funny beachwear 1915

Beach fashion, 1915 – Beach fashion, 1915

That is one of the coolest and funniest beach photos I’ve ever seen.

30. Sportswear from 1915

Tennis, 1915 – Tennis, 1915

Women sportswear from First World War times. If they were still playing in such dresses today, tennis would be a less popular sport.