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Unbelievable photos at world defining events


Historical photos have their magical power to create different narratives for everyone who sees them. Yet not all of these experiences are pleasant. They can recite feelings we don’t want to feel, memories we don’t want to relive, but we can’t stop looking at them. These carefully assembled photos are showing a different side of the world. They are emotional, real and above all, world defining.

Please don’t forget, some of these photos might be hard to look at and others might amaze you. Make sure to look at all of them carefully, to experience endless moments in history. Let’s start reading, and remember to be cautious.

The last moments of the Challenger space shuttle crew, before boarding their final flight on January 28, 1986

Space travel these days seems to be very well planned and safe. We know that everything is tested, highly trained people and sophisticated systems are prepared for every eventuality. Smooth take off, carefully executed spacewalk, highly choreographed maneuvers. Nobody would assume, that the most dangerous part is the take-off itself! This was, sadly enough, proven to be true on January 28, 1986, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after taking off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. All seven astronauts on board died instantly. Losing even one life is devastating, but in this case, Christ McAuliffe’s loss was even more tragic. She was a school teacher, chosen by NASA’s “Teacher in Space” program the only civilian on board.

Muhammad Ali talks a suicidal veteran down from a high rise, 1981

source: los angeles times

There are only a few people in history, who doesn’t need an introduction. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is one of them. He was an inspiration for a whole generation and will be for generations to come. This picture captures yet another glimpse of his unique personality. On Jan. 19, 1981, a young man decided to end his own life in the Miracle Mile neighborhood in Los Angeles. A large crowd gathered in front of the building, shouting at him to jump, while the police tried to save his life. Muhammad Ali drove pass the crowd and he stopped to see what is going on. He runs straight in the building to help, once he realized how serious the situation was. He was trying to convince the young man to rethink his deadly decision. According to a New York Times reporter Ali shouted: “You’re my brother! I love you, and I couldn’t lie to you!”. He then climbed out on the fire escape and guided the man inside, to take him to a nearby veteran’s hospital and save his life.

James Dean just before his fatal car accident at a gas station in 1955

source: reddit

The 24 years old James Dean planned to head to an auto rally in Salinas, California on September 30, 1955. He loved the speed, the adrenaline and the feeling of freedom. He had participated in several races before: the Palm Springs Road Races, the Minter Field Bakersfield race, and the Santa Barbara Road Races. He was planning to tow the car this time but changed his mind at the last minute. It was a bad decision. He took his last drive in his Porsche 550 Spyder nicknamed “Little Bastard” on that day when he suffered a head-on collision with a Ford Tudor on Highway 466. The other driver and his passenger survived, but Dean was killed instantly.

a photo of Robin Williams miming in Central Park, discovered 30 years later

source: petapixel

In 1972, Daniel Sorine was walking through Central Park one day, and couldn’t help but stop to shoot a couple of photographs of a couple of mimes, who were playing around in the sunshine. As he explained later “Their unusual amount of intensity, personality and physical fluidity attracted me to the couple, who allowed me to invite them into my camera”. The series of photos truly reflect this playfulness and fun, but what is more exciting is the fact, that it has captured Robbin Williams and Todd Oppenheimer well before Robin became an unbelievable superstar who we all came to know and love in countless movies, films, and plays.

A young Osama Bin Laden with his family on a trip to Sweden, 1971

Do you recognize that smiling, 16-year-old kid to the second from the right? Seems so happy and innocent. You are most likely more familiar with his picture with a long beard from the FBI’s Most Wanted lists. That’s right, he is Osama Bin Laden, one of the worst terrorists the world has ever know! This photo was taken in 1971, when 23 members of his very wealthy family visited Falun, Sweden. They were there to enjoy the country, sightseeing while the oldest brothers were engaged in business talks with Volvo. The Guardian reports that he was a very reserved, quiet kid on the trip. His mother said he was a very good kid, with lots of love to give. The world knew him as a terrorist responsible for killing thousands of innocent people.

Judy and Jerry Griffin met at Woodstock in 1969, this is the only photo taken of them

source: reddit

Love is a complicated feeling. That first sight, that first hour, that first day makes it all more magical. Nowadays, with smartphones all around, every moment of that magic is recorded. So just think about it for a second, how it would feel to meet the love of your life, in a music festival which defines a whole century and you only have one photo together! Try to imagine how would it feel not even having that one photo either! This is what happened with Judy and Jerry Griffin, a couple who met on their way to Woodstock Music Festival and ended up driving there together. They got to know each other and never separated since than. It wasn’t until 50 years later when a photo of the couple showed up in a PBS documentary Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a GenerationJerry told People Magazine, “We’d known each other less than 48 hours when that was taken.”

Tina Turner letting it all out on stage

source: pinterest

Tina Turner had a hard life off stage. She gave audiences a relief through pain and violence that she couldn’t have, every time she walked on stage in the ’60s and ’70s. She sang hits such as “A Fool In Love,” “River Deep-Mountain High,” and their biggest hit “Proud Mary” while performing with her husband and abuser Ike Turner. When the music stopped, she had to deal with the abuse from her husband and bandleader. He changed her name and trademarked it which meant she couldn’t use it without his approval. Things weren’t down for long for her after they separated. The release of “Private Dancer” in 1984 brought her well-deserved success and transformed her into a well-known superstar.

The last known photo of all four members of the Beatles together, taken on August 22, 1969

source: reddit

The Beatles’ last know pictures as a band were taken just two days after they finished recording the “Abbey Road” album. They were recharging at John Lennon’s estate and worked on the final photo session. They all look exhausted and seem like they don’t even want to spend time in each other’s company. Each of them apart from Ringo brought along someone to help ease the tension. McCartney had Martha, his sheepdog with him, George took his wife Patti who was also filming, and of course, Yoko was there with John Lennon. The next time they met in mid-September, they have decided to quit.

When Sunny and Cher had each other, babe

source: pinterest

Despite the big age gap, their relationship has flourished after a purely platonic start. Cher said that she was drawn to him when they started to sing together. Cher was only 16 while he was 27. At the time of their big hit “I Got You Babe” in 1965 Cher was only 19. The stardom came with prying eyes and inquisitive questions. The seemingly unlikely couple draw big attention, and not just because of their age gap. According to Cher, their success came so quickly that they didn’t know how to handle it.

Johnny Cash looks out of it while he eats cake in a bush

source: columbia records

Johnny Cash, creator of some of the world’s best country songs was well known about his talent and his immense drug consumption. Only Keith Richards was able to overtake him in that. His drug and alcohol habits nearly killed him several times and were very close to ruing his second marriage. Yet despite how it looks, it’s a promo shot from his 1976 album, “Strawberry Cake”. According to a legend, Cash was walking thorough New Your City when he saw a homeless person. This reminded him of how good life was to him, and he said if he finds out who the man is, he will send him “a piece of the Strawberry Cake”.

Martin Luther King Jr. removing a burned cross from his lawn

source: pinterest

Martin Luther King Jr. was fighting against racism all of his life. This honorable fight had its own consequences on his private life. He was trying to understand the mindset of racism, to help them see the world in a different light. This photo was taken after one of these racists burned a cross in his own garden. He put on his suit, his polished shoes, and didn’t let anything or anyone to keep him down. Having a young family beside him made it even more difficult to never give up fighting against all the threats. His words are well known across the world, and keep living with us, even after his assassination on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Albert II, the first humanoid launched into space

source: pinterest

Before humans reached space, scientists were using other mammals as space tourists, to measure the effect of space travel on their body. These test subjects were anesthetized before the flight and covered with implants and sensors in order to help scientists understand what humans can expect in these extreme circumstances. A rhesus monkey called Albert II was launched 83 miles into the sky on June 14, 1949, on top of a V2 rocket, to become the first humanoid in space. Albert II nearly survived the flight, but there was a problem with the parachute on return, which has caused his untimely demise.

Janet Leigh and her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis in matching outfits at Studio 54

source: pinterest

Parents are usually not must-have ingredients for a good party. Most people are happy to get out of the family home to enjoy some freedom without the caring attention of their parents. Jame Lee Curtis is not most people. She felt betrayed by his father after their parent’s divorce and became very close to her mother. She told the Huffington Post that by the time she was born, her parent’s were already growing apart as their stardom grew, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t save the marriage.

an exotic dancer showed off in court After undercover cops arrested her, Florida 1983

source: reddit

Being an exotic dancer is hard work. Law is never on their side, people look down on them even if they are a customer of the industry and health and safety records were never outstanding for this job. This dancer in the picture got into trouble with the law in Florida 1983. She had to prove that the bottoms she wore while on the clock didn’t reveal too much. She chose to demonstrate it by bending over in front of the judge while wearing the same clothes she wore on stage. This photo brought fame for the dancer when Playboy decided to publish it. There is no news about her sentence, but we all hope she managed to prove her case.

Freddie Mercury with Mary Austin, his ex-girlfriend and lifelong friend

source: reddit

In the age of social media, true friends are rare. Not everyone as luck as Freddie Mercury finding such a close and life long friend as Mary Austin. They have started their relationship with romance in 1969. From that point on, they were one item. They spent nearly ten years together as a couple, and even after they separated, they remained close friends, living next to each other until Mercury passed away in 1991. Mercury explained his friendship with Austin: ” All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary, but it’s simply impossible. The only friend I’ve got is Mary …”

An East German soldier helping a lost boy sneak across the Berlin Wall

source: pinterest

Berlin wasn’t ready to be cut in half when the Wall went up on August 13, 1961. No one was allowed to cross from East to West Berlin, or the other way around. Families, friends, relatives were separated overnight. This boy was unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. An unknown soldier risked his own life, potential prison and his position to help the poor boy cross the wall, which at this stage was only barbed wire. He couldn’t bear to sentence the kid to a life of poverty and uncertainty without his family in a city separated by war. He was caught after saving the kid, and no one really knows what happened to him next.

Princess Diana sits alone on a yacht, July 1997

source: reddit

Princess Diana spent the final months of her life traveling around the world with his boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed, a billionaire businessman. She was already in the crosshairs of the world of paparazzi who tried to capture and monetize every moment of her life. She was dividing the world with her choice and was forced to spent her time with Dodi in hotel suits and yachts. The picture clearly shows Diana’s loneliness despite all the fame and fortune. The contrast of the loneliness of one of the world’s most generous and well know people is breathtaking. A couple of weeks later, Diana passed away in a fatal car crash in a tunnel in Paris on August 31 1997 after being chased by the paparazzi.

Neil Armstrong’s family watching him launch to the moon, July 16, 1969

source: reddit

July 16, 1969, was a day everyone alive at that time remembers. This launch took humanity to the Moon. A small capsule, on top of a rocket left the surface with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on board. They strapped themselves into Apollo 11 and shot off to make the first moon landing. Along with millions on screen, Armstrong’s family have watched the shuttle launch live at Kennedy Space Center. Everyone was routing for the trio speeding away at incredible speed, but no one worried more than Armstrong’s children and wife. For them, it was deeply personal. As we all know now, the crew made it to the Moon at the joy of the whole world, relaying live footage and the famous sentence: “Small step for a man, giant leap for mankind.”

Tough guy Charles Bronson walks hand in hand with wife and co-star Jill Ireland

source: pinterest

We all come to know Charles Bronson, the tough guy, from the Death Wish series as he is taking street vengeance on everyone who crosses his path. He was tough on screen, but an angel in life. Those who really knew him all said that he was a sweetheart. For us, his constant kindes to his second wife certainly proves this fact. He made sure Jill Ireland was next to him in every movie where it was possible. The whole family was very close, so when they were filming, they all camped in their RV close to the location to be able to spend every minute together. Unfortunately, Ireland passed away from breast cancer in 1990 in their home in Malibu.

The Manson girls in simpler times

Charles Manson’s name is equal to evil in everyone’s mind. Before the murders, he was a leader of a polygamous cult, collecting all kinds of homeless outcasts, dropouts, and strange people. Once they lived with Beach Boy Brian Wilson, while on another occasion in the desert of Spahn Ranch, where Manson used LSD to mind wash a group of young women, his followers. They all believed that they were there to serve him. He recruited girls as young as the 14 years old Diane Lake. She explained later how Manson kept everyone in the dark with all kinds of drugs and devious sex acts before the two-night long killing spree in which he didn’t participate.

This 1960s vintage cigarette ad makes the art of seduction sound easy

source: pinterest

In this day of age, an ad like this is unimaginable for so many reasons. Back in the ’60s, it still passed through the advertising censors. As it is clear from the picture, cigarette companies were promoting two things: violinists are an easy target and they like a good cigarette. The ads from this era were trying to pair sex with smoking, to suggest that these two go hand in hand. Needless to say, they weren’t right in any sense. It is mind-boggling to see what was going on just 50 years ago, and it is reassuring to know, the world has changed for the best since than.

Kids take a dip in the Swimmobile, Detroit 1960s

source: reddit

Summer can be excruciatingly hot, especially in town, where all the buildings just radiate the heat, making people feel like their skin is melting. It’s just natural that all you want to do is dip into a nice pool of cool water, and enjoy the day. But a swimming pool is a rare occurrence in poor parts of the town. So what do you do? You use Swimmobile! In the ’60s, the Swimmobile was a traveling pool, driven through the city of Detroit so kids and adults of all ages could experience the touch of cold water. For most, this was the only opportunity to enjoy some luxury. The smartest kids were keep following this fun moving attraction around from block to block.

Ann-Margret was born to be wild

source: pinterest

The ’60s produced a lot of beautiful stars, but Ann-Margaret was one of the greatest of all. Not too many people know, however, that she wasn’t the usual fragile Barbie Girl! She loved driving around on the open roads on her bike. She was an experienced rider, started to command the two-wheeled beasts when she was just a young girl.  She explained: “My uncle rode bikes and when I was a young child, we lived very close to the Norwegian border so we’d travel from my village all the way over among the fjords and mountains… I loved it”

A soldier rescues two children during a skirmish in Vietnam

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There are countless reports, books, and shows about the Vietnam War. The American soldier’s bravery and defeat were interpreted and mentioned in several different ways. Yet, even in war, people were able to find kindness. The Americans, while fighting the Viet Cong, were also there to save the South Vietnamese children on the frontline. Living under the constant threat of the attack, innocent children were sometimes wandering in places they should have never been. Brave soldiers were risking their own life and well-being to save them, as they knew, no matter which side they were on, kids have nothing to do with the War. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t save them all.

Andre the Giant towering over his friends while seated on an ATV

source: reddit

Andre the giant wasn’t the fastest guy on the planet. His enormous seven feet tall body needed some momentum to get going and sometimes it seemed like he is in slow motion. At home, in his far in North Carolina he used an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) to get around quicker. The producers of The Princess Bride realized that and made sure they have one on set. His co-star Cary Elwes’s own accord he was an amazing sight. He said: “The production manager asked him ‘Andre, how do you get around at home?’ and Andre said ‘I use an ATV, boss’. So they searched and I think they found the only all-terrain vehicle in England in 1986…”

Madonna studied at the University of Michigan for a year

Even the queen of pop has an origin history. Madonna was going through life like anyone else before changing the music industry forever. As part of this journey, she became a student at the University of Michigan in the 1970s, where she was part of the dance program. University records show that Madonna lived at University Towers, Apt. 10A, but didn’t spend too much time there as she was already working in New York City. She eventually moved to the big apple at the end of the 1970s. She was talking about her time in Michigan with reporters a while back, referring to the end of that brief year as being a “famed high school dropout”.

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall pose in drag for Brigitte Lancombe

When Brigitte Lacombe asked Mick Jagger if she could take a photo of him, the star agreed with some special conditions. Jagger insisted on wearing his own outfit and his own makeup to create one picture. Not more, just one. He ended up wearing this. He wore a full drag, with matching makeup and gown. His partner Jerry Hall wore a tie and a full suit with a coat. Lacombe might have been surprised at first but was amazed by the gender-swapped outfits. She knew straight away that she can make the picture work, and it aligned with her perspective anyway.

Ann Margret showing off her considerable assets

source: pinterest

Ann-Margret’s father came to America from Sweden, looking for work as an electrician and she followed him with her mum in 1946 to Illinois. Her career started when she was only 19 with the help of George Burns, who cast her in his Chrismas show at the Sahara in Las Vegas. She appeared in a series of movies by Frank Capra and George Sidney afterward. Her fame reached far beyond America. She received numerous requests from soldiers in Vietnam, who were keep inviting her to visit. She was so moved by it, that she went there twice, first with a band and two years later with Bob Hope.  She told Interview Magazine: ” I received sheets of paper that had 3,000 signatures of our guys wanting me to come over there. ”

Shirley Muldowney posing with a custom car. She survived two explosions in two years

source: pinterest

Ladies are still rare in car racing, so imagine how hard it was for Shirley Muldowney in the ’50s to reach the level of fame and success she did! She was fearless, skillful, tearing up the asphalt harder than the man sharing the road with her. The First Lady of drag racing had her fair share of accidents, which wasn’t uncommon at the time. Safety wasn’t first those days, especially not in car racing. Her two major close calls happened close to each other. The first accident occurred at Ohio’s Dragway 42 in 1972 and a year later her engine exploded during a race. She suffered some nasty burns, and after the engine explosion, she switched to rear engine dragsters, which were a little safer. in 1977 she became the very first woman to win the NHRA Winston Top Fuel Championship, and she is still active around the racetrack today.

Back to black (and red and white) – Amy Winehouse, age six, dressed as Minnie Mouse

source: pinterest

Amy Winehouse was only 27 when her life tragically ended. Looking at this cute picture, nobody would imagine a fate like that. She held two Guinness World Records. She has received the second one, for the most songs by a woman to simultaneously appear on the UK singles chart (8,) shortly before her accidental alcohol overdose. She had an exciting and rebellious personality, as she explained: ” I wasn’t a tearaway but I definitely wouldn’t conform to anything. I was bad with authority and didn’t want to be told what to do. I’ve never been an idiot – I was a smart girl but I’d do stupid things like go around Asda and nick stuff because my friends told me to. I was a good girl as a teenager. “

Debbie Harry in Los Angeles, 1977

source: pinterest

In Debbie Harry’s memoir Face It she talks about a terrifying story, explaining how she managed to avoid being a victim of by Ted Bundy, one of the worst serial killers of that time. She claims that one night, in the early 1970s, she was trying to hail a cab in New York City, and ran into a Bundy lookalike. Some people are skeptic about the story, as it was never proven that Ted Bundy was in New York City at any point in his life, although it wasn’t proven either that he wasn’t. It was way harder to track the movements of anyone in the 1970s, without cellphones, street cameras, and location tracking devices. Nevertheless, the threat was real regardless of whoever Debbie met, and thank god she didn’t end up part of a much more darker story.

Conoco Oil sprays down a woman for your engine’s health

It is sometimes scary and might be disturbing to some to see how the advertising industry objectified women and sexuality. Nowadays and ad like this one is unimaginable. And not just because of the not so subtle sexuality angle, but because the main picture doesn’t actually tell anything about the product. From a glance, would you have figured out that it supposed to popularize a synthetic product, that helps the engines run longer and smoother than oil does? We were thinking more along the lines of a wet t-shirt contest. Ads from the 1950s and 60s were leaning into sexuality in ways the rest of the media of that time tried to avoid. Yet, these were all approved by several different groups. How far we have come since then…

Raquel Welch twists away her worries at a USO show in a war zone

source: pinterest

One of the elements of the Vietnam War is well known to everyone. The shows, which numerous stars put on for the soldiers at the scene. These shows were organized by Bob Hope, to help soldiers get a taste of home, to know what they fight for, and to feel that everyone is on their side. Little known fact though, that these stars, such as Raquel Welch were risking their life by going to bases under constant attack, traveling through war-torn territories and being so close to the gunfire. Rachel loved to give soldiers a break from the war and often invited them on stage to dance with her. In this picture, the lucky guys of the 9th Infantry are enjoying her sparkling personality and world-famous moves.

Do you feel lucky punk? Clint Eastwood wasn’t comfortable dancing with Princess Diana 

source: pinterest

Getting invited to a royal gala is always a great honor. In 1985 Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, and John Travolta were all able to experience first hand how the English Royalty hosts such a party. They were invited for a special reason, apart from being famous. Their purpose was to dance with Princess Diana. She was such a well-known and highly admired beauty, and the rules governing her dancing proposals were so mystified, that nobody really tried or dared to ask her. Even Clint Eastwood the Dirty Harry actor felt the pressure of the situation. Tom Selleck claimed that Eastwood was very nervous about the whole event. Supposedly while they were dancing Eastwood told Diana, (who was 24 at the time): “You’re too old for me.” He must have lost it there for a second.

Ronald Reagan with Serena AND Venus Williams at Nancy Reagan’s Celebrity Tennis Tournament, 1990

If you ever heard about tennis before, we don’t have to introduce Serena and Venus Williams to you. They are conquering tennis courts all over the world for a long time now. So long, in fact, that in 1990, they played at Nancy Reagan’s tennis tournament! At that time, the young sisters were dealing with gang bangers and bullets in Los Angeles while practicing their serves and backhands and serves Since the early 90s, they have won Olympic medals, countless trophies and people’s heart with their courage, charisma and devotion on and off the field. They are role models for so many people around the world.

That’s Lynda Carter hanging out in a chair

Lynda Carter’s dream was to become a singer. She changed course only when the acting world opened up for her. Her sparkling personality, cool temper and all-around smiles made her audience feel like she is one of them. She was so down to earth, that she thought she got the part in Wonder Woman because of her look, while we all know it was her talent that took her there. After Wonder Woman was canceled in 1978, she started to host a CBS special, where she was able to showcase her singing and dancing on stage with guest stars. As a fan favorite, she is still in the mind of countless people who saw her blossom. A worthy testament to that is the comic book adaptation Supergirl.

Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson, and Patrick Swayze played brothers in “Next of Kin” 

Could you spot the difference between Liam Neeson, Patrick Swayze, and Bill Paxton? Here is a hint: one of them is not from the USA. But it doesn’t show at all! They all look like they are from the backwoods. Maybe the clothes, maybe the hair, all the beard. Or their talent. These guys look natural in the movie Next Of Kin. The film is about a story from Patrick Swayze’s point of you. A brother, who comes home to cut off the blood feud between his family and the Chicago Maffia. We won’t give you any spoilers, but if you haven’t seen it, check it out. It is a good move, with three amazing starts acting like they are from the deep American south, and we tend to believe them.

Madonna starring in the short film “The Egg” in 1974

source: pinterest

Madonna always knew how to use her body as part of her art. She was still a high school student in 1974, when she appeared in the short film The Egg. The one-minute short film was directed by Wyn Cooper and has very interesting content. The movie is about Madonna trying to eat a raw egg in a bathing suit. The unsuccessful attempt shows the egg spilling down her chin when another girl appears to fry the egg on Madonna’s stomach at the end, before grabbing a knife and fork to eat it. It is an insteresting short, to say the least, an art piece from a high school project. Definitely worth that one minute.

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski in Los Angeles in the swinging ’60s

source: pinterest

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s marriage seemed like a dream. A happy, successful couple who have found love. The truth couldn’t be further according to some people who knew them. For one thing, the renowned director was cheating on her constantly and even get her involved in group sex situations. How could anyone do that to one of the most beautiful women in the world is quite unimaginable. Every one of Tate’s friends knew her as a gentle and kind spirit, but she was thrust into a different kind of life by Polanski. They married in 1968, but their marriage didn’t have a chance to step out of the purple clouds, due to the gruesome murder of Sharon, by the Manson Family in 1969.

It wasn’t all blood sweat and tears on the set of “Battle of the Network Stars”

source: pinterest

Who else likes to watch famous people going head to head against each other for some cash? We are down to it, along with a substantial crowd, who were glued to the TV sets throughout the late 1970s and early ’80s. Celebrities from the three major TV networks were competing in athletic events in every episode bringing excitement and smiles to all living rooms around the globe. They took the sport aspect so seriously that the announcing legend Howard Cosell was presenting the races. To guarantee those smiles, they made the famous athletes play some kid games, such as tug of war and Simon Says. There is nothing like watching Lynda Carter playing games we all know and loved as a child.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ first gig after Halloween was an episode of The Love Boat

source: pinterest

Halloween in 1978 set the standard for scary movies and that’s what most people remember. Yet it was a slow-burning success, and although it made the career of Jamie Lee Curtis, initially she was very disappointed about the acceptance of the film. She told the New York Times: ” It wasn’t a big success at first. I didn’t get any work from it, other than an episode of The Love Boat. I remember going to see it in Hollywood, and in the middle of the movie, when Laurie is walking across the street to the house where P.J. Soles’s character has just been strangled, this woman stood up and screamed, ‘Don’t go in there!’ In that second, I understood exactly what John intended. ”

Bill Gates was given a ton of independence by his parents

source: pinterest

There is no written rule on how to raise a child to be the next Bill Gates, but looking at how his parents nurtured him to reach what he did, might give us some clues to give our kids the best possible start. Firstly, they never smothered him. They gave him a lot of room to be who he is so that he can decide for himself how life can be. Even as a child, they let him do things his own way, and when he grew up and decided to drop out of Harvard, and move to New Mexico to start a small startup called Microsoft, they didn’t stop him. It turned out to be a very good approach as his father, William Sr. explained in an interview.

Yvonne Craig squeeze into her Batgirl costume during season three of “Batman”

source: pinterest

Every era has its own character actors and actresses. Yvonne Craig was one of the go-to girl in the 1960s to play everything cool, such as Orion Slave Girls or Catgirl. She was honest and genuine, which meant that she did her research for every part she got, but only when she got it. She told Closer Weekly:  ” The producer, William Dozier, said, ‘I’m sure you’ve seen our show,’ and I said, ‘Actually, I haven’t, but if I get the part I’ll spend the summer watching re-runs so I know how I’ll fit into the scheme of things.’ ” Refreshing talent and honesty.

Sophia Loren, America’s Italian bombshell

source: pinterest

In the line of the interesting success stories Sophia Loren stands out more than anyone. Born to a deadbeat father in Italy, she made it to fame and success across the world against the odds. She was discovered in a beauty contest at the age of 14, and didn’t stop till she reached the top. What’s also quite common in these stories, is that personality and hard work, combined with stunning looks is what you need to be a superstar. At the peak of her career, she won the Oscar for Best Actress in the movie Two Women. Talent, and glamour were part of her every day, life. She looked gorgeous on and off-screen.

The eye-catching Jungle Pam turning heads on the asphalt

source: pinterest

Dragster racing is a unique sport with unique talent and unique people. The crazy acceleration, the thrill of the race, the smell of burned rubber attracts many. Those who try, rarely leave the scene, such as Jungle Pam who draw fans on and off track with her presence. She didn’t know anything about drag racing until she met with ‘Jungle Jim’ Lieberman, who was on course to change the way people think about this sport. He certainly changed Pam’s as she has learned everything she could, dipping her toes in some on-the-track work as well, such as helping re-pack Jim’s parachute or topping off the car with oil. She was on the scene for four years, however, disappeared after.

Queen of the jungle Pat Benatar was almost a school teacher

Pat Benatar struggled as a musician to find her way with the recording studios in the late 1970s. Nobody was really interested in what she wanted to do, a hardcore rock band to tour the country. Labels were trying to make her more refined, more pop. Benatar writes in her autobiography: ” Everything was wrong. The tracks were played technically well, but they had no soul, no passion. The recordings were a fiasco. I cried for days, saying that I was finished before I’d even started. ” She ended up switching to a producer who was working with Blondie before, as he was more familiar with the style she had in her head. Thanks to that decision, we know her for who she is now.

She may not have won a trophy at the 1977 Emmys, but Lynda Carter won the night with this dress

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Lynda Carter wasn’t just known about her role in Wonder Woman, but about being the best-dressed person on TV in the 1970s. She was wielding her weapons on screen with the same passion, as she was wearing her clothes on the red carpet. This Emmy look is refined yet playful, sexy but subtle. And what’s her secret to that gorgeous skin of hers? In 2016 she told W Magazine: ” [My mother] said, ‘Do not go out in the sun. If you do, you’ll end up like a prune or an old leather purse.’ At the time, there was no sun protection, so she’d wear hats and put cream on her face. And she used to give herself a facial with egg whites. She had no wrinkles on her face, and her hands were always soft. ”

Helen Mirren stunning as Morgana in Excalibur

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Taking a role in a well-known fantasy film is always a gamble. When Helen Mirren appeared as Morgana in Excalibur, she put all her fate in director John Boorman’s hand. In 2017 she told the Huffington Post ” It was quite difficult to follow and I think it was very much to John Boorman’s credit that he crafted this very magical world out of what could have been a real mess. Some of those scenes when we read them during rehearsal sounded absolutely embarrassing! We were all like ‘My God, how can we say these lines?’ But with all the other elements, it all started falling into place, especially the lighting and the beauty of the film. ”